Why You Should Give Your Woman Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is often the best gift that a woman can have. It has a lot of meaning for them, and it would make them extra special. If you are looking for the best piece to give, this page gives you some thoughtful suggestions. So read along and enjoy.

Why women love jewels

Women adore charms and jewels. They would often pay a high amount just to have the best piece. This enhance femininity brings them into a higher level of empowerment. Jewelries are part of their language of sophistication and elegance; that is why they crave these so much.

What they love the most?

A necklace made of Agate and Amethyst gemstones
– This piece is very elegant and it can be worn both by a simple and a fashion-forward woman. Agates are considered as “stones of strength” and they come in a variety of colors, while Amethysts are purplish in color, and are some of the most beautiful stones on earth. Combining the two stones would create a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be beautifully worn during cocktail parties and formal dinners.

A necklace made of Chrysolite gems with an Emerald pendant
– This piece can be described as lavish, and at the same time, classy. It is one of the timeless handmade jewellery you can give to a woman. Chrysolite gems are golden yellow in color and these symbolize fame and self-esteem, while Emeralds have a dark green hue and denote eternal love. This piece perfectly matches an evening wear, and is often given as a gift to women who love to go to social functions and dinners.

A bracelet decked with Bloodstones and Coral
– For an outgoing woman, this piece is a perfect present on her birthday. It is made of a combination of bloodstone, a dark brown gem with multicolored spots, and Blue sapphire Coral, a deep tangerine-colored gemstone. Bloodstones are symbols of knowledge, while Corals symbolize youthfulness and hope. This piece best suits a summer attire and a casual wear.

A ring with a Topaz Gem
– A Topaz gem is thought to bring strength and emotional balance. It comes in a variety of colors, such as peach, sky blue, green, and gold. This stone is rare and it is not easily obtained, unlike other gemstones, making it a little pricier.

A brooch made of Jacinth and Pearl
– Brooches are perfect fashion accessories, especially among professional women. They make a simple outfit look graceful and elegant. A brooch made of Jacinth gemstone and pearl would be a perfect present for a working woman, because Jacinth stones denote honor, wisdom, and power, while Pearls represent success.

A pair of Peridot earrings
– Peridot gemstones have a lime color, and often symbolize fame and dignity. This piece makes a perfect gift for successful women, and can go with casual and semi-formal outfits.

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