Teenage Bodybuilding

As bodybuilding continues to grow in popularity individuals are competing at younger and younger ages. Teenage bodybuilding has become an athletic event with major competition. As more teenagers begin competing in teenage bodybuilding competitions, knowledge about health and how physical fitness works is more important than ever.

There are several things that all teenagers should realize before jumping into teenage bodybuilding, and under no condition should any teenager use steroids. While the body is still growing, teenagers need to make sure to work out safely in a way that won’t permanently injure their bodies. Bodybuilding is a great healthy activity for young people when it is done right.

But for teenage bodybuilding to be done right, there are many different truths, or realities, that teens must be fully aware of.

#1 Still Growing: During the ages of 14-18, and sometimes even longer, a teenager’s body is still growing and filling out. Because of this it is especially important to avoid work out programs that have a risk of severe injury. This is true of any athlete, but particularly bodybuilders since they are working to bulk up as their bones and muscles are still growing. Safety should always come┬áTestolone – Uses, Side Effects first, there’s no sense in getting a permanent injury, especially if it could have been easily prevented.

#2 Stay Away from Supplements: Some combinations turn out to be deadly (see Creatine and Ephedra), most are loaded with caffeine that could cause heart problems, and if you have a smart diet with the right proteins, carbs, and work outs then you don’t need any extra help. Stay away from anything that isn’t natural and work on the good habits that make champion teenage bodybuilders.

#3 Step by Step Bodybuilding: Many good trainers will stress the fact that for a teenage bodybuilder the most important thing to determine first is to figure out what the athlete’s body type is. There is a big difference between the eating and work out habits of an ectomorph trying to body build as opposed to an endomorph. Some people can put on fat and muscle easily, while others have a harder time. This effects diet and training for the individual teenager trying to compete in body building.

Understanding whether a teenager is an endomorph or an ectomorph makes it far easier for a professional coach or fitness trainer to come up with both a work out plan an a diet that will have the maximum effect for adding body weight and muscle mass. A good plan that is tailored around an individual’s body type is the single most important part of becoming one of the top teenage bodybuilders.

Teenage bodybuilders should know that many plans involving eating six small meals a day, and the diets will involve a very specific number of fats, carbs, and protein. Meals are designed for both bulking up before a work out, and also for recovering more quickly.

The other thing that many teenage bodybuilders need to keep in mind is to take it slow early. Even a minor injury can set you back weeks. As you adjust to the eating schedule and the workouts eventually you will start working out more and more. You can’t go straight from 0 to 60, you need to ease your way into working out at a higher level.