Replacing Your Own Golf Club Grips

How regularly you supplant your holds relies upon how frequently you play and what environment you live in. It might likewise rely upon where you keep your clubs put away.

Assuming you play four times each week or more in outrageous temperatures and dampness, then, at that point, you will probably have to change the holds like clockwork or so on the grounds that the perspiration, heat, mugginess, soil and sand will all will more often than not separate the grasp finish. They will lose their flexibility rapidly when you use them that much. Assuming you leave your clubs in the storage compartment of your vehicle on a hot day the outrageous hotness will fall apart material significantly more rapidly. Assuming you just play periodically and store your clubs away you can go longer yet most golf specialists show that you ought to supplant the holds like clockwork to two years at the longest.

Supplanting your own grasps is genuinely simple fix, you simply need a couple of basic apparatuses. Supplanting holds isn’t costly in any event, when you take them in to your nearby golf shop, yet assuming you resemble me its the taking them in and holding up the a few days for them to return that is the issue. Presently I basically select My desired grasps at my nearby golf shop and afterward make the maintenance myself.

Materials required:

– New holds.
– A tee.
– Seat tight clamp (will make it more vclubshop straightforward).
– Elastic shaft holder for the bad habit to safeguard them from harm while the shaft is cinched in the tight clamp.
– Twofold sided hold tape.
– Scissors.
– A hold tape scrubber.
– Utility blade with a snared, rather than a pointed, edge (pointed edge could harm graphite shafts.
– Hold dissolvable.
– Holder to get the dissolvable.
– Old cloth.


Select the holds that you like at your nearby golf shop, you can get twofold sided grasp tape and whatever other materials that you really want.

Whenever I first supplanted my grasps I was marginally apprehensive with regards to cutting my holds off, I began with my most un-involved club which for me is my 3 iron, my reasoning was that assuming I wrecked it, I could to some extent actually play and take the one club in to fix at the shop. After the initial 3 iron I understood it was genuinely basic, however assuming that you have a similar concern feel free to attempt only one first