Fish Bowl Promotions—Why Liquor Distributors Can’t Get Enough of Them

Successful liquor distributors know that a customer’s success is their success. In liquor distribution,Guest Posting your major customers are bars, pubs and taverns, restaurants, and grocery stores. Liquor distributors get very excited when a tavern, bar, or other major customer begins running a fish bowl promo.

A fish bowl promo is a promotion involving the sale of low-priced fish bowl cocktails. Liquor distributors love fish bowl promos, and here’s why:

Fish bowl promos promote tavern success. If taverns or restaurants sell more drinks, then they have to buy more liquor. The more people coming into that establishment, the better their liquor distributor’s business. The tavern prospers, the supplier prospers, and everyone wins.

Fish bowl promos use a lot of liquor. Fish bowl cocktails are large drinks that serve between two and eight people. The biggest fish bowl cocktails have two and a half gallons of liquor! That’s a lot of liquor, and the more fish bowl cocktails customers drink, the better a liquor distributor’s sale.

Fish bowl promos feature mixed drinks. Cocktails are mixed drinks, of course, and that means lots of rum, tequila, vodka, and vermouth. Those are expensive liquor import license liquors, so the more the tavern or restaurant sells, the more profit for the distributor. Wholesalers who run a special on a particular liquor will find they sell even more of it.

Fish bowl promos are a great way for customers to try to new drinks. Customers who might normally buy a few beers will go along with her friends when they order a fish bowl margarita. The next time she goes out, she’ll be more likely to get the margarita, which means the tavern sells more tequila and Triple Sec. That, in turn, leads to more orders of tequila and Triple Sec for the wholesaler.

Fish bowl promos lead to customer referrals. Fish bowl promotions are almost always successful. When the tavern runs a promo, that means more customers coming in and more money going into the cash register. Other taverns, seeing the success of a fish bowl promo, decide to run one of their own. Of course, they need a reliable liquor supplier for the increased liquor demand, and that means more customers for the wholesaler. Everybody wins!

Fish bowl promos are good for everyone: the customer, the tavern, and the wholesaler. They’re fun, promote success, and lead to plenty of profit. With so many benefits to running a fish bowl promo, why not run one of your own today?

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