External DVD Burners

External DVD burners are DVD burners that burn information through laser onto a DVD disc. As the name says, these burners are connected externally to a personal computer or a laptop using FireWire or USB connectors.

External DVD burners are used to record video and to read, write and store data onto the discs. It is possible to back up data. Besides, audio and data CDs can be created and burned using these burners. External DVD burners serve as a primary optical drive in some laptops.

The external burners have many advantages over internal burners. These devices are portable. In order to use the DVD burners with two or more computers external Phenq reviews before and after DVD burners are better choices. There is no need to open the case of the computer as in the case of internal DVD burners. One has to plug the drive through a connector and install the corresponding software. The software can be downloaded free of cost. If there is no free drive bay in the desktop, it is better to use an external drive.

But the external burners have some drawbacks too. Such drives are slow in reading and writing than the internal drives. External DVD burners are more expensive compared to internal burners. Both single and double layer burners are available in the market. It is possible to convert an internal DVD burner to an external one. When planning to buy an external DVD burner, it is better to check whether the personal computer supports high speed USB 2.0. Otherwise, it will take several hours for the DVD to finish recording.